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Experience? Well, together more than 20 years in the travel business and much more travelling around the globe.

Names? Deutsche Bank, Coca Cola, MINI, Ford, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Citroen, Peugeot, PWC, EY, HP, Intel, If, Zurich, Statoil, and TV2 – just to name some of the clients we have worked for and, we dare to say, have successfully handled. That’s all in the past. Old challenges with their solutions; of course, it is possible to bend those solutions to fit new problems but then there is nothing that is a more certain sign of insanity than to do the same things over and over again and expect the result to be different (thank you Albert!*).

We rather look into the future. And we see the future right here, in the Baltics.

*yes, you got it right: Albert Einstein

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Creamiest ideas

Corporate film Shooting

Shooting a movie is usually very expensive and takes several months or even years to finish. However, west of Riga, there is a film studio ready to help any group make a movie in one day & it does not cost a fortune!

Costumes and effects are ready, so is the script, even though some improvisation is possible. Two days after the shooting, the professionals at the film studio have edited and put together a movie ready for screening – maybe right before, or during the final dinner!

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Kr Barona 14-10
Riga LV 1050, Latvia

Nicole Stadler
Verwaltungsrat Group
Today I've received following very positive feedback from our group which stayed in Riga:

The trip was very nice, we enjoyed the time in Riga a lot. The guide was fantastic; very professional with a huge knowledge, always on time. The program was well organized, all went smoothly. The restaurants were good, we liked the atmosphere and the food was delicious. The activities had been well known chosen; a good mixture, everyone liked the program.

I am very happy to hear that. :-) Thank you very much for all your work, the very good organization, your efforts and the good cooperation. I am looking forward to working with you for other groups, hopefully in the near future.
Petra Auerswald
Funk, 940 Guests
We have received our client’s feedback and now can confirm without hesitation that everyone had wonderful time in Riga!

Suggestion to use one of Riga’s landmarks attracting 200 000 shoppers on busy day was a risk well worth taking and I am sure that welcome party at Riga Central Market will stay in the memory of our guests for a very long.

We truly appreciate TheMiceCream team efforts in making gala night so fantastic and making impossible happen: privatizing the most beautiful park of the city for our event. The evening was a great success even despite the rainy weather that afternoon.

Once again: thank you for all your efforts, your hospitality and your professional but friendly organization of the event!
Liv Ellen Nesset
BRIO conference
Yesterday I had a longer conversation with my client – and they were EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the trip. There was absolutely nothing to put the finger on!!! (quite unusual for such a big group)

Many have said that this trip / conference was the best so far. And this one was the 19th conference in a row!!!! I take off my hat for your team!”
Oliver Grosse-Brauckmann
PKF International
Just wanted to thank you again for your great support in Riga. You did a very service orientated job and you were the best ever reliable and committed DMC I know until now. Thanks to your flexibility we were able to overcome the hick-ups, so the event was a success.

If occasion is, I will recommend your agency without hesitation.
Wishing you, TheMiceCream and your team all the best.
Henrik Reck-Jensen
My client just gave me a wonderful feed-back:

Their trip to Riga is simply the best trip they have ever done! All of the programme had been great fun, the guides were so professional and nice and the city of Riga had so much to offer its guests. Hotel Neiburgs was a true gem with a superb location!

Their last destination was ROME, so “beating” Rome is quite an achievement!
José van Seters
It was a great pleasure working with you – thanks to your devotion and flexibility we were able to create the great ambiance for have our very successful meeting.

Wishing you a lot of success for the future, private & business wise and maybe we’ll meet again – somewhere, somehow…
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